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2022 Open Gate International Film Festival

1296 Washington St, West Newton, MA 02465

Official 2022 Screening Schedule

Friday November 11th


Women in the Front Seat (Indy Saini) 01:14:13

Stem to Stone: A Wreath’s Journey (Brian Burdett) 6:25

Beautiful Violence (Joey Medina) 12:32



The Painter (Robert Isenberg) 13:08

Derrick & Boyd (Chris Goodwin) 25:40

Rachel’s Law (Cameron IIan) 14:13

The Witch on Bridge Street (Nathan Thomas) 11:08

Penny (Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid) 15:55

There’s Something Wrong with Paul (Mark Clauburg) 12:00



Bowlhead (Thomas Simon) 13:21

Purple Case (David Sarian, Kostya Yezagelian) 30:00

Careful (Sebastião Salgado) 17:32

Lilith (Adrian Marquez Barrios) 10:02

MeTube: August sings ‘Una furtiva lagrima’ (Daniel Moshel) 8:00


Saturday November 12th


SAG Bump (James J. LaBonte) 3:29

Sami (Ondrej Hraška) 18:30

The Firefly Jar (Gary Fierro) 29:13

Scotch, Please (Evan Schneider)

Free to Care (Chris Temple, Owen Dubeck) 11:28


STUDENTS 5:30-6:15

Mother’s Smile, Fathers Laugh (Avery Marin Cather) 10:58

Monkey Juice (Chris St Lawrence) 22:16

Magic 8 Ball (AJ JAmes Tuck) 5:11

A Letter to America (Angie Teig) 2:20

A Masked Mirage (Maddox Chuen-Won Chen) 3:41

F**k Love (Erika Lynn Jolie) 14:52

Our Family (Gyani Wasp) 15:00

John & Julie (Joel Familier) 7:29

Rainbow (Hui Tan) 8:24

Pot Girl (Mia Aston) 3:24



“HAMZA-The Lion” (Chirag Shah) 16:19

Youth Development Needs Community Engagement (Chaney Carlson-Bullock) 15:41

MeTube: August sings ‘Una furtiva lagrima’ (Daniel Moshel) 8:00

Twitch (Sarah Horn) 9:28

Care Package (Don Most) 9:10

Chinese Laundry (Giorgio Arcelli Fontana) 15:00



Transsexuals from Space (Brina Healy) 1:13:53

Under the Sun (Alla Dulh) 19:15


Sunday November 13th


Cadillac: A Mobster Fairy Tale (Robert Curreri) 15:42

OUT: a short film (Seth Chitwood) 14:26

A Maiden Made Not of Clay (Shumile, Kohei Takeda) 6:00

Four Pins (Matthew Beltz) 13:44

I Mustache You (Shara Ashley Zeiger) 13:35

Oh, Little Spark (Charlie Lyon Budden) 18:10



Embarrassed (Sir Steve Mcqueen) 1:33

Sweat (David Allain) 20:00

Almost Christmas- (Xinyuan Zhao) 4:27

The Principals Assembly (Jordan Ancel) 18:25

Nothing is Going to Change (Nicholas Burns) 16:05

For I Am Dead (Patricia Delso Lucas) 18:19


*8:00pm Industry Panel with Kyle Grand CSA, CP Casting 

*8:30-10pm Award show

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